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Healthcare worker writing patient substance use information for doctor review and medical record.

Self-Paced Online Training

First Responder Provided training includes:

  • Refresher, Hazard & Opioid Safety
  • Compassion Fatigue
  • Mental Health First Aid


  • SERVICE TO SELF TRAINING COURSE: This free online training course informs fire and emergency medical services (EMS) personnel about their increased risk of experiencing mental health and substance use issues and conditions. It also equips them with information and resources to address these issues in themselves or their peers.


  • WORKING THE FRONT LINES OF THE OPIOID CRISIS TRAINING COURSE. This 1-hour online training course was developed in response to the impact of the opioid crisis on first responders across the country. It addresses the mental and physical stressors faced by firefighters, emergency medical services personnel, and police when responding to opioid overdose calls and is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Pre-hospital Continuing Education (CAPCE). This course also provides evidence-based coping strategies, resources, and exercises to help mitigate the impacts of these stressful events.


  •  THIS COURSE IS ABOUT SCENE SAFETY This 1.5 hour, CAPCE accredited, online course helps first responders assist individuals in crisis with mental illness or substance use disorder using safe, positive approaches. It helps first responders understand more about mental health, mental illness, and substance use disorders so they can better assess risks and apply the safest strategies for taking care of themselves and the individuals they are called to serve.