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SBIRT — Screening

Screening and addressing substance use and mental health in your facility can improve the overall wellness of your patients. Although it may be a new procedure for your practice, screening can be integrated into your current continuum of care. Staff can normalize the screening process while helping the patients understand why they are being asked about their substance use. Whether you are a new or seasoned provider, there are plenty of clinical tools at your disposal that can certainly help SBIRT patients in their journey.

The prescreen questions are asked to patients annually. They are typically asked:

  • With the new/annual patient form handed out at the front desk
  • Annually by the medical assistant or nurse while rooming the patient

Prescreen Form

After a positive prescreen, a patient will receive a full screen. The patient will either be:

  • Verbally asked the full screens by the clinician or nurse
  • Handed the full screens on paper to fill out while waiting for the provider

AUDIT form DAST 10 form

Because mental health issues and substance use are often co-occurring, we recognize the importance of screening for such possibilities. The PHQ is asked of all patients who receive full screens.

For all patients who receive full screens for the AUDIT and/or DAST 10:

PHQ 9 Form